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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fly, baby fly!

Had the opportunity to fly with the FDS or Flying Doctor Service in Belaga. Layang-layang Aerospace has been tasked with the flying, either for FDS visit or medevacs. Medevac or medivac is basically medical evacuation or prompt and timely transport of an ill or wounded patient to seek medical care. Medevac can either be via land or air, but in Sarawak is mostly by air due to the unfavourable terrain. For your information, the MOH spends a hefty 5 figure sum for each medevac. I remember in Semenanjung, most of the medevacs or mercy flights were done by the army in their Nuri helicopters.

Anyway, think Layang-Layang is some joint venture between some foreign company and a Malaysian one so most of the pilots are foreigners. Flew with a Brit that day, but think they also have Pinoy & Ozzie pilots. 

Enjoy the pics!

Preflight checks

Before boarding, there's a mandatory weigh in. Think maximum weight allowed is 400kgs in total. That's for 5 pax & cargo, so if you're obese you don't get to bring your bags! Hahaha! Or more likely you won't be even allowed up.

Wow... so many things to keep an eye on.
Realised all the dials were analog.
Does this mean its an old heli?

Captain Chris at the controls

Aerial view of Belaga
That's the Batang Rejang you see!

Part of Bakun Dam
Imagine this whole area was virgin jungle before in was flooded in

Unfortunately, the flight was cut short due to unfavourable weather conditions & low cloud cover. I still remember the dark bank of clouds over one of the mountain ridges & how our pilot was looking for a break to fly thru. Unfortunately or fortunately we couldn't find one and had to turn back to base just as fat, heavy raindrops started pelting the windscreen.

FDS staff  of Belaga

Hoping for more opportunities to fly with the FDS!