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Friday, December 28, 2012

The unlikely tail (oppps... tale) of 3 Swans & a Dolphin

Need to apologise. My blog post have been getting erratic lately. I was initially tapping into my housemate's Streamyx line which was supper fast. Sadly, she has since moved and taken her Streamyx line with her. So I decided to go for a Celcom broadband package as I wanted something that allowed me mobility as I do travel quite abit for work. When I signed up for it in Sibu, I was assured an uninterrupted, speedy connection since there's 3G coverage here in Song. Unfortunately, the connection has been horrible. It takes ages for my webpages to load and its frustrating when you know it could be better. Am thinking I should just cancel my subscription, pay the RM150 penalty and just get Streamyx fixed at home but that will mean I won't be able to assess the internet while on the road. Hmmmm... though decision to make!

Anyway... back to what I was going to blog about. As you know, Sibu is the main gateway to the Batang Rejang and the towns of Kanowit, Song and Kapit. For some reason, the swan has been chosen as Sibu's mascot. Maybe its Sibu's location near water. Although there are various swan sculptures around the town, I have yet to see a life one here. Personally, I think Sibu's more like the ugly duckling waiting for its miraculous transformation into a swan! Sometime I think its an obscure reference to what Sibu aspires to be like - more magnificent, elegant and tons cleaner.

The main Swan sculpture is located at the waterfront, just a stones throw away from the Kapit Wharf. Right next to The Ark, a fancy fusion dining place.

The Mother of All Swans
Aptly located on the Batang Rejang 

The 2nd swan sculpture is actually part of a fountain structure. Of all the swan sculptures, I think this one is the most tastefully done. Its located in the Sibu Town Square, which has boasting rights as the largest town square in the whole of Sarawak. It also sits in the towering shadows of Wisma Sanyan, the highest building in Sarawak! Memanglah Sibu boleh!

Keeping an eye - on the ground and in the air! 

The final swan sculpture (or at least the one I know of) is located near Sugarbun, Sarawak's very own fast food chain. It is surrounded by granite animals of the Chinese zodiac calender. Will post a pic once I remind myself to take one!

I googled the significance of the Sibu Swan and apparently during the early days when the first Foochows came to populate Sibu, the then crystal clear Batang Rejang reminded them so much of a certain river back home in Fuzhou province - the Swan River! Tadah... now you know!

Funnily enough, the swans had to share the limelight with another unlikely animal - the Dolphin.

Beached dolphins

This sculpture is just located just across the Sibu Central Market. Those marble balls are supposed to be fountains but I've never seen water in this sculpture at all!

You would imagine that a place as exotic as Sibu would have more exotic mascots - crocodiles, hornbills, pangolins or even the musang, but no. They choose a dolphin.

Apparently "The dolphin has universal appeal, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and serenity as well as uplifting the spirit of many people." as stated on a plaque nearby. As the dolphins were a gift from the Sibu Yu clan, they were made to face South-East cause that's the best fengshui for prosperity and harmony. Whether you believe in that stuff, it entirely depends on you!

So if you're up for some bird watching or dolphin stalking... Sibu's the place to be!

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