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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miri walkabout

Here's a continuation of my short stint in Miri.

Usually post work, I will take a dip in the hotel's pool since I won't be doing any swimming in the croc infested Batang Rejang. Plus if you know me well eough... I just love chilling (or more like being lazy) in the underutilized pool while watching the sun go down.

Gorgeous... especially with a sundowner in hand!

However, on the last day of my stint there I decided to take a walk to the Miri City Fan and adjacent library.The City Fan is located at one end of Miri City and it took me about half an hour to walk there from the hotel I was staying in. The City fan is named so as aerially, it is shaped as a fan. It actually consist of an amalgamation of various gardens to form one gigantic one!

No prize for guessing which garden this is!

Good for a breather!

Lovers Crossing

As I was walking around the gardens, I spotted Miri's mascot (see if you can remember what it was without scrolling down or looking at my earlier post).

They must be male seahorses
since they have pouches!

Further on, reached the Islamic gardens with its intricate geometrical designs and water sprout fountains. Too bad none of the water features were turned on or it would have been quite a sight!

Pretty geometrics

Next was the Borneo garden, with its ferns and jungle flora.

Path to the Borneo Garden

In the center of the Miri City Fan is the Amphitheater. This is supposed to be THE venue for local council events and concerts. Pretty quiet when I was there. Apparently there's a musical fountain which is only turned on at night but I had no plans to come back when the sun went down!

Amphitheater with Miri City Library in the background

Also noted some peculiar seaweed like plants between the cracks on the paths. The weird thing, these plants were almost translucent, just like those you will find in clumps at the beach, plus it was SLIMY! It rained almost everyday when I was in Miri and the near proximity to the ocean could be one reason for the appearance for these growths!

Seaweed or landweed?

I detoured to the Library to escape the stifling heat. You know, that warm humidness which you get just after a short drizzle. I was not supposed to take photos but sneaked my camera out to capture this 2 beautiful paintings of local women. I think they're Kayan, as evident by their glovelike tattoos and long earlobes. Tried to google for the artist's name but my search was futile. If I'm not mistaken, he's Chinese but I can't recall even his surname.

Just across the Miri City Library is the monolithic looking Miri Unity Monument. Nothing interesting, but guess it just adds character to an otherwise drab roundabout!

Houston, we have a problem!

Sorry if I make Miri seem boring but the main attraction here is not man made. Most travelers use Miri city as a transit point to Mulu, Niah or Lambir Hills. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to explore them this visit. Some other time, perhaps!

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