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Monday, October 15, 2012

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig!

Sings: "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety-jig"

Unfortunately, did not get to buy a fat pig at the Teresang Market in Kapit. Dunno how I'll be able to carry it back on the ferry to Song. Instead bought some dabai & buns.

To me a market is microcosm of the population it serves. Anywhere I go, I never miss a visit to their local market. I've been to markets in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe and there's always something new to see, interesting people to meet & bits to eat!

Here's a glimpse of what Teresak has to offer!

Although Teresak Market is open every day of the week, it is busiest on the weekends as folks from the nearby rumah panjangs will descend to get their supply for the week and catch up with friends.

Busy Teresang on a Sunday morning! 

The market is basically a huge shed with sellers at their counters and along the walkways. Rent for selling along the walkways is cheap - only RM 1.00 so many of the ladies from the more ulu areas come down to sell their jungle produce here.

Jungle veggies 

Some kind of bark shavings 

There's the usual veggies...

What a riot of colours! 

Pretty bunga kantan 

Hot, hotter, hottest!

Mani chai or changkuk manis
Found back home too, but why doesn't anyone sell it?

... and there's those which you can only get here.


? Wild banana flower

The fruit section...

Humongous bananas - with my foot for comparison


Dabai - olives of Sarawak
Sarawakian are crazy for them but can't really say likewise

No metric or SI units here!

Still looking for my elusive empurau. Apparently it's RM800/ kg. So far had a taste of baung, semah and tengkalah. Must say the tengkalah is really good, although you really have to work to savour it. Plenty of bones!

Ikan Sultan

Batang Rejang catfish

Local clams

Yay! Finally learned how to prepare it!

Ikan jeruk
No idea what sorta fish this is!

The poultry section...

Cock a doodle doo!

Chickens all ready to go.
Chickens bought live as a trip back to the longhouses may take hours.
Furthermore, no electricity. So 'sembelih' when you want chicken for dinner!

The exotic meat section. Usually there's wildboar, rusa, musang. If you're lucky you will get pangolins.

Doe - a deer!

All ready for the pot.
The fur is torched off with a blow torch!

After the walk around around the market, got my appetite working so stopped at the famed Ung Tong Bakery.

Buns - hot out from the oven

Ung Tong Bakery has been around for maybe ?2-3 generations so they're a household name in Kapit. The breads are a little tough and chewy even if they're fresh. Told it was because they do not use preservatives while baking. My favourite has to be their butter cupcakes! Washed it all down with a cuppa of 'kopi-o'!

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