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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rejang Epicurean Epic Part II

Apologies for the silence. Had bridesmaid duties to fulfill. More of that later...

Anyway, will continue with what I promised in the last post. Food from the Song/ Katibas area. Most of the food here is home cooked and prepared with love. Whether its nutritional content its up to standards, I leave that for you to decide.

Yup, you read that right! In KL, Friday nights are a blast... Clubbing, drinks, alco, the works! In Song, the grill is lit up, healthy doses (or more like unhealthy doses!) of beer and tuak is thrown in for good measure and there's also a karaoke set to belt out Golden oldies, Malay jiwang songs or Iban "orang kampung" style!

Light the grill! It's time for a barbeque!

Here's the reason its call a BA-BI-Q!

Babi Cina or better known as 'siew yok'
Nicely done with just a hint of carbon for the crunch!

Babi hutan
Leaner & tougher than the Babi Cina but still a tasty treat!

Preparing the babi with a nasty looking machete!
The staff prepared a few other dishes for good measure including midin - a local fern, pusuk goreng cabae - anchovies fried with green chilli, pucuk manis goreng - stir fried tapioca leaves but my favourite dish would have to be this...

I have known idea what's it called...
It's a kuchai & BBQ chicken wing salad,
dressed with sea salt & a squeeze of lime.

Musang masak hitam
This one had iron supplements in them
- shot gun pellets that almost sent me to the dentist for a dislodged filling!

Food is definitely a good mixer. Throw in a few pints as a binder. Friday nights can be a blast here in Song!

Bon Appetit!

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