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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Klinik Kesihatan Song

I came here to Song with minimal expectations. I did not want to be dissapointed. Instead I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Klinik Kesihatan Song is a comprehensive medical complex located about 1.2kms away from the jetty. If you are coming by foot, it only takes 15-20mins. Many of the patients have no choice but to walk here. After spending a small sum on the perahu tambang down the Katibas or Ijau to get to Song town, it leaves them little to pay for the fare here by van sapu. Due to the timing of the perahu tambangs, patients are already camped outside the clinic doors before it opens at 0800. By 1200, the patients have already dwindled to a handful as this is when the perahu tambangs make the journey back up river. Those who come in the evening are mainly local town folk or those with their own outboat motors. 

Calm before the storm

The clinic is akin to the one I used to work at in Slim River, Perak. For a small town, it has all the trappings. There's the x-ray department which is much needed when you have a 24hr A&E. As it happens to be, KK Song is the only medical facility between Kanowit and Kapit. High time some enterprising GP comes over to open a practice in the middle of the jungle!

A&E-with an ambulance borrowed from KK Niah, Sarawak!

Most of the emergency cases are sent either to Hospital Kapit or Hospital Sibu pending on the speciality involved. Sorry, no roads to both these places so the only way is by boat. During office hours, we pop the patient on the next available ferry. After office hours, deploying the speedboat to Kapit depends to 3 factors - 1.Weather 2.Drivers confidence to get there & back in 1 piece 3.Fuel ration left. Of all, I think factor 3 is the determining one cause it costs RM500 for a return journey to Kapit and that's not even inclusive of the overtime paid to the driver and accompanying staff! Most of the time we keep the patients overnight in the 8 bed ward and send them off on the earliest possible ferry the next morning.

Aside from wards, there's also an ABC (Alternative Birthing Centre) which handles low risk deliveries. So far, I've yet had to deliver as we pack and send those in early labour. We have a partially equipped rehab room, mainly focusing on CP cases. Once a month, the pediatrician from Kapit Hospital pays us a visit. A really proud fact for KK Song is that we're the only clinic that does TB C&S in the whole country! Amazing right, for such an ulu little town?

By the way, did you know KK Song also has the tallest buildings in Song? Yes, its the medical quarters at the back there. Hahaha... lotsa Song boleh! records for the clinic! (have to keep myself entertained ; P )

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

Yes... that's my house & ride!

Sharing a humongous 4 bedroom bungalow with the clinic's MO. The living area is so huge, you could throw a kenduri in it! Came partially furnished so all I had to do was move in and make myself at home. At the moment, only 2 of the rooms are occupied so if you're keen for some R&R or just to experience life away from the city... you know where to come to!

Beats having to cycle around!


  1. We want to go to Song song. When is a good time for you?

    1. Nov/ Dec. My folks are coming early Nov so after that should be good. Try to come weekends, so I can join you guys in Sibu & we come back to Song on a Mon morning.

  2. Hi. I am a medical officer going to be posted to kk song. How many mos are there actually? And how many specialist ?