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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rejang Epicurean Epic Part I

Many of you have been asking me about the food here in this part of the world. So far, I've been slurping up all the local dishes, especially the home cooked ones. Dayak/ Iban food uses lotsa fresh ingredients and herbs. What I like about their style of cooking is their emphasis on freshness and that none of their veggies end up like a brown or yellow sodden mess.

Here are some of the delicacies... Enjoy the visual feast and if you're dying for some, make your way up the Batang Rejang!

Bario brown rice - a healthier alternative to carbs

Ulam raja - has a weird bitter after taste which I can't really describe.
You have to try it for yourself

Pansoh manuk - chicken cooked in bamboo with tapioca & wild ginger
Chicken literary cooks in its juices, infused with herbs.
A favourite of mine!

Jani tunuk - succulent layered pork with the right ammount of fat & meat.
Could have seconds!

Pusu empikau - anchovies & tempoyak
I'm not a big fan of durian but this combination seriously rocks!
Good enough to eat alone with rice.

Tuak ice cream - vanilla ice cream drizzled with tuak
A mean kick to a child's staple.

All the above dishes were sampled at the Dyak Restaurant in Kuching. Pay them a visit if you're game to try some local cuisine.

Next place is also in Kuching. Actually, a Kuching classic. The folks come here every time they're in Kuching.

Some people think this place is overated but the food is still good, me thinks!

Can't say much about the special teh 'c'.
So watered down compared to my first glass here a couple of years  ago.

Kolok mee - light & springy

The  pièce de résistance - Sarawak Laksa!

Then its over to Sibu for some of its famous Kampuah noodles.

Kampuah - looks similar to kolok mee but don't be fooled.
It's mushy & tasteless. 1st and last time you'll catch me eating it!

Food in Kapit is pretty much the standard affair. Something I found different and guilt inducing was the...

Roti canai goreng - warm & fluffy.
1 is never enough!

Just looking at the above is amylase inducing, especially since I now have to survive on my home cooked meals [bleh ; ( ]. Think this will keep you guys satiated in the mean time.

I have more pics & dishes to share, especially home prepared staples of the Song & Katibas areas. Stay tuned for the 2nd installment!

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  1. Like this place also. My regular place for weekend brunch whenever I'm not heading back to KL.