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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life after five...

Clinic work hours are from 8am till 5pm. After that, its up to you how you wanna wile your time away. Here, time feels like its in surplus. Instead of God-given 24hrs, I feels more like a lengthy 28hrs. Sometimes, in fact alot of times, it feels as though my clock has gone on benzos and is therefore sluggishly ticking away. In KL, I was struggling to catch up with time. Struggling to find more time to complete my tasks. Wondering how I was going to redeem those precious seconds lost stuck in massive traffic jams. Here, those are things of the past...

It gets dark early here. By 6.30pm the cicadas & geckos have started their overture to the night symphony. Give or take an hour or so, the owls & frogs come in. So while its still light, this is what everyone is up to...

Song volleyball team

Must say, I suck at volleyball. I think I have bad eye-hand coordination. What more, I am totally paranoid of being smashed in the face by the ball so most of the time I duck whenever the ball comes my way!

Aside from that, there's also futsal. Popular enough in this place, they have an annual futsal tourney among the different govn bodies & rumah panjangs. However, don't think futsal's in my league either.

Don't let the empty court deceive you... there's actually 2 courts here!

So decided to start running again. Thank God I brought along my old trainers with me. The last time I ran was almost 2 yrs ago while I was still in Penang. I remember doing a couple of runs such as the Penang Bridge, Merdeka Run, Peace Run, etc... Stopped while I was in KL cause it was just so troublesome getting  to where the run was held, not to mention looking for the elusive parking spot! In a way, running has allowed me to explore whatever Song has to offer. Usually do 2-3kms every time. If I'm short for time, its 2 rounds around the dilapidated stadium. I still can't run the whole 2-3kms without stopping/ slowing down or walking but in due time, I believe I'll be able to do so. Because I'm now a regular feature on the couple of roads dotting Song, people take the time to wave and say Hi! You don't see this kind of friendliness in urban neighbourhoods.

A view of the clinic from the highest point in Song (nothing more than a hill!)

I have plans to start teaching aerobics again. Something I once did in KK Slim River, Perak. I have to start compiling suitable music to do so. Can't remember what happened to all my old CDs. Must have been lost in translation. Hopefully, in a month or so there will be people jumping around & flailing their arms about in the foyer of KK Song!

There's not much in terms of food choices here at night. Only 2 Chinese restaurants which do a limited 'tai chou' or Malay goreng-goreng and a BBQ place that belongs to my driver, Ishaak.

Chicken wings, anyone?

I tried the chicken wings. Not too bad... a tad raw though. Meat was just about done near the bone but bone was still bloody. The small slivers of satay was tasty even without the sauce. Peanut sauce was dissapointing - too oily & watery. Well, beggars can't be choosers, right? Besides at RM1 for 3 sticks, it was a steal, considering everything in this place is expensive!

So the next best thing was to start cooking. Can't say much about my culinary skill though. My makan skills are definitely better honed compared to my not existent cooking skills. So far, its been veggie stir fries, 1 pot soups & the ubiquitous instant noodles! Yes... even I'm guilty!

Kitchen - not too much action here!

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